Don't shop at Nationwide Nissan Timonium:

I was shopping for a versa and provided my offering price. I understood that most of the dealer would not provide the best deal over the internet so I finally spoke to the sales manager over the phone after several emails with the internet sales representative. They provided me the e-price but in one email, it was clear that they said they could work on the price. When I was talking to the manager, I clearly asked the final price ON THE ROAD and he offered me a price that was close to my target. I was happy about it so I asked him to send the vehicle info as well as the quote with the actual numbers that day. But that never happened.

Next day the sales manager whom I spoke to didn't come in so I had to deal with the sales rep. Unfortunately the manager didn't leave any figures to her so she wouldn't send me the quote, which I understood her difficulties. I wrote her to state my concerns not getting the price that was promised. Then the GENERAL sales manager (Mr. S) called me and stated the original "quote" wasn't right and stuff. And he refused to negotiate with the price. He even threatened that the eprice I got would only valid until tomorrow if I didn't take it. It's ridiculous!!!! Anyone walks in asking for the versa, the sales will give them the same eprice. What kind of negotiating was that?????? I tried to explain to Mr.M that despite my target price, the sales rep did say they can work on the eprice (which clearly stated in my email). Anyway, I was upset about it but he got rude on me. He hang up the phone even before I tried to negotiate with him or say goodbye.

I found few complaints about this dealer. Please read them and reconsider it. In my opinion, I would NEVER recommend this dealer to anyone!!!! Waste of you time!!!! If I would have known this sh*ty situation, I will rather pay few more hundreds to make a business with other dealers!!!!

I got Mr.S's name down and wish I knew where I can file a complaint about him and the dealer!!!!

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Timonium, Maryland, United States #636304

This is exactly what happened to me and When he told me he negotiated that price he gave me a price higher than what the actual price on the website is. Meanwhile BEN SHAYEGH decided to laugh at my face as he was telling me that I did not know what I was talking about.

How is it possible to expect someone to buy a car when the car is priced higher than what the prices listed on their website. Even my daughter had stated that she has never been around someone so disrespectful. You can't list someone a price and then tell them that you're going to come down on it but really extend the price $300 higher.

What Mr. S tried to tell me was that from the time I was in his building to the time that I went home the price on the car that I was looking at's changed.


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