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Worked out a deal with the internet sales person Shari. Arrived at the dealership for my appointment monday at 9 am.

The sales guy wasn't even there. He didn't show up till 10am. They didn't have the truck or even a similiar one to drive and said they couldn't get one because it was so late in the year. They also said the price that I had on the email was just a basic model price and wasn't the price of the vehicle i wanted.

I lost out on the incentive deal and when i bought a nissan from another dealership it was $2,000 more.

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All of these allegations are spot on.... I saw a Nissan Rogue and came back 3 days later after emails and phone calls to buy this car and it was not there.

They tried to tell me it was never there and proceede to put me in a car similiar but not fully loaded for the exact price as a fully loaded... After negotiating I bought a car and now the service plan sucks......sure we will wash your car it will be ready in 2 hours!

WTF... a oil change and car wash took 4 hours with an apmt and a full day off work!

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